Viable Harvest Real Sandalwood Watch White Face and Leather Band (WoodBand)

Price: $79.99 - $31.98

Are you tired of those ugly and boring wrist watches? Just when you thought you’d never wear a watch again, our designers at Viable Harvest have created a unique wood watch that looks and feels great! Our custom wood watch is crafted with an all natural red sandalwood case and band. We’ve paired this beautiful wood with a striking white face for the perfect touch!

At just under 2 inches, the faceplate is small but easy to see, clear and incredibly durable. With a striking white face, dark inlay and a second hand, you’ll never struggle to see the time. The Japanese quartz movement will keep precise time day after day. Not only is it extremely accurate, it’s super quiet and low maintenance. The battery lasts up to four years and is easily replaced. Are you tired of lugging around a heavy watch on your wrist all day? At less than 1 ounce, our watch is so lightweight, you’ll almost forget it’s there! The band’s length will fit almost any wrist, but can be quickly adjusted by taking away a few links, ensuring a good fit. Be sure to consult your local jeweler for any specific needs or help with your band. For those of you with larger wrists, we’re happy to provide additional links upon request.

The Viable Harvest watch is perfect as a gift and looks great on men AND women. Our customers have told us how happy they’ve been with the quality and design. Want a new look for the office that’s sure to stand out? Our watch is the perfect accessory you’ll need to boost your look. We’ve also included a custom designed gift box with a soft, black pillow for storage.

At Viable Harvest, we care about our customers. If you’re not satisfied with our watch, let us know. We’ll do everything we can to make it right. We’ve got a 100% money back guarantee to boot. So go ahead and order. We’ve got you covered.

QUALITY YOU CAN DEPEND ON. A beautiful watch with a modern flair! Every watch is unique, hand-selected and packaged in the USA! We’ve expertly designed this all natural, organic red sandalwood watch and paired it with a striking white face and wood band. This watch looks good and feels great!
LIGHTWEIGHT AND SECURE. The solid wood band is incredibly lightweight and is designed to fit most any wrist. We’ve included a reinforced clasp to help you feel more secure. The wood band can be easily adjusted by removing extra links, or for those larger wrists, we’re happy to provide extra links upon request.
SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. The Japanese quartz movement ensures constant and accurate timing. Not only is this one of the most precise watches you’ll ever own, it’s ultra quiet and super low maintenance. The battery lasts up to four years and is easily replaced.
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOURSELF OR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, Father’s Day, Graduation, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, this watch makes a fantastic present! Want to stand out at the office? This watch is just the boost your look needs. It’s casual enough to be worn every day, but looks great with any business attire. To make this watch look even more elegant, it comes in a custom designed gift box.
BONUS ITEM! We’ve included an extra white leather band – a 2-in-1 value! Now you can choose between leather or wood!

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