Tilaprecape 100% Waterproof Case With Sensitive PVC Touch Screen, Pink CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch With Super Sealability Technology For Cellphone Up To 6.5 Inches Diagonal

Price: $6.35

Do you want to enjoy the water sports to your heart’s content? The Tilaprecape waterproof case offers you ultimate happiness! Tilaprecape waterproof 100% sealed and waterproof the Tilaprecape waterproof case is made from high-end PC and transparent pvc materials, tough, durable, waterproof, snow proof, dustproof, dirt proof. Total protection for your valuable electronic devices, passports, ID cards, credit cards, cash, maps, keys as well as electronic devises at the beach, pool, airports and water parks and while hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, dirt biking or even taking a bath. Complete functionality of your phone through the case. Just enjoy sports whenever and wherever you like! directions for use 1. Have a cell phone and a waterproof case read. 2. Open the waterproof bag switch from the inside. 3. Check up the surface and make sure it’s not damaged. 4. Put your cell phone into it. 5. Fit into the notch and press the buckle. 6. The installation is complete. Notice of use 1. Read carefully of the [notice before use], and check properly the bag and accessory if there are any damage, specially the clip and the opening of the bag. Do not expose under the sun for a long time. 2. Check the clip and opening of the bag every time after use to see if any impact happened from any hard object. 3. Sudden temperature change might cause humidity in the bag. Do open the bag and let it dry out completely. 4. If mud, dirt or sand in the bag found after use do wash it away by clean water before storage. 5. Do not use in water, spring above 30 degree centigrade temperature.Fingerprint identification technology
Universal phone compatibility
Up-high sealing design
Multiple uses: fits for indoor and outdoor activities
Fully clear window: the transparent cover is perfect for taking pictures, videos, phone calls and messages

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