Samsung Portable Charger for Galaxy S7 – Retail Packaging – Silver

Price: $23.00 - $19.99

Samsung’s wireless charging Pack for Samsung Galaxy S7 is an external battery and a wireless charging pad all rolled unto one. Attach the Pack to your Samsung Galaxy S7 for a simple wireless charge. Ditch the hassle of cables. JUST attach it to your phone and get charging3100mAh capacity for extended use and multiple charges
Supports pass-through charging, the LED by the volume buttons should be lit blue and the white LEDs representing battery life of the battery pack should be blinking (how many are lit represents current charge of battery – when all 4 are solid, pack is fully charged),If the phone is not charging while unit is plugged in, press the power key by the 4 LED lights to start charging
Power key to check battery life or activate wireless charging (single press), hold down for 3 seconds to cancel wireless charging to conserve battery
Will automatically stop wireless charging when phone reached 100% to conserve battery, Click the power button again to reactivate wireless charging

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