Neverland Beauty wasserdichte flussige Make-up Lips Lip Brush Matte Lippenstift Lip Gloss Super Long Lasting (SET3)

Price: $13.99

The properties of this lipstick is nonstick cup, no rub off.velvet matte surface, use olive oil or discharge makeup oil to discharge.
Want you a makeup talent? If you have it, it is true
It is absolutely safe to use by you


This is matte style, not fade , Long-lasting. And Iit is very dry!!

The package includes:

10 x Lipstick
1 x gift pouch

This set(10pcs) contains the color 1 #, 2 #, 5 #, 6 #, 9 #, 10 #, 15 #, 16 #, 22 #, 33 #. Here the Heibe sale of color get some time in favorable price. *With Free packet as gift! Restore. *Fulfilled by Amazon !
100% brand new, material mix. Tips: You should coat with a layer of lip cream before applying this lipstick.Then it can stay longer.
Effect: Waterproof / Acid-resistant, do not fade, do not stick cup, with a little dry.
It can be a little sticky, until it dries to wait so a few seconds after application to leave it that if you find dry it completely dry on the lips just a little oil or Vaseline add first I for the price uneingeschrankt recommend and its excellent quality.
It is absolutely safe for you to use them.

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