LoveHandle LH-01 Universal Grip For Cell Phone and Mini Tablet Black

Price: $11.95 - $9.95

The love handle universal grip (original sling grip) is a smartphone and tablet grip attachment that adheres to the device using a strong but removable no-residue 3m peel-n- stick adhesive. Featuring a patented slim-profile pocket-friendly design that won’t get in the way, the love handle enables users to securely hold their devices without the risk of dropping them. The love handle is great for taking crisp photos (particularly selfies ) and steady videos, and makes one-handed phone use much easier. It also allows you to flip your phone around to the back of your hand, allowing you to carry additional items while keeping track of your phone. In addition, using a love handle to help you hold on to your phone can be quite helpful when jogging, biking, and at just about any other time you don’t want to drop your phone. Our customers tell us that the love handle becomes an indispensable part of their device within the first 30 minutes of using it. Why don’t you give the love handle a try for yourself compatibility notes: Cases: The love handle is not compatible with silicone cases such as the apple silicone case or gel cases. Tpu cases should work well. Phones: If you have an apple iPhone 7 or apple iPhone 7 plus that is black (often referred to as matte black) or jet black, the love handle should be used with a compatible case to ensure optimal adhesion. The love handle is not compatible with glass back phones such as the Samsung galaxy s6 or soft back phones such as the Samsung galaxy note 4 and Motorola droid turbo 2. We suggest using the love handle on a compatible case for your phone.LoveHandle Universal Grip for mobile devices | Get a handle on the devices you love
COMPATIBILITY: Most smartphones and tablets EXCEPT iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Black and Jet Black (Case required) Please see the description below for details | LoveHandle, SlingGrip, DMD Products, and all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners | Money-Back Guarantee
Enables easier one-handed texting, photos, selfies, and holding your phone or tablet | STOP DROPPING YOUR PHONE
Slim pocket-friendly design | Soft comfortable elastic grip | Safe no-residue removable 3M adhesive
PLEASE NOTE: On-screen images of finishes and colors may vary from actual product due to variations in monitor and image capture settings.

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