Diffuser, TaoTronics No-Beep Sound Essential Oil Diffusers, Silent Operation 120ml Aromatherapy Diffuser (Breathing Light, 5 LED Colors, 2 Mist Modes with Ultrasonic, Waterless Auto Shut Off)

Price: $14.99

Unique LED Light Mode
Discover the stunning 5 LED colors in an innovative and extra soothing way: with the breathing mode. Enjoy every nuance of the colors as they breathe from light to dark before switching to the next color. Or lock onto your favorite color and allow for complete relaxation while you watch the light changes its color depth.

Dual Mist Settings
Choose between two misting modes to perfectly suit your mood: a continuous mode that will provide you for 4 hours with intense aromatherapy; or the intermittent mode which is ideal for more sensitive noses or longer aromatherapy sessions (up to 8 hours of working time).

Reliable Ultrasonic Technology
Diffuse your essential oils quietly wherever you are thanks to the ultrasonic technology. Improve the air around you –whether at home or at your office – with a light and calming scent and fight dry skin with humidified air.

Silent Operation
Don’t let your yoga, meditation, or nap sessions be disturbed by annoying beeping sounds from traditional diffusers. The TaoTronics aromatherapy diffuser can even comfortably and peacefully be used during the night, for undisrupted sheep counting.

Auto Shut Off
Don’t worry about leaving the house and having forgotten to turn off the diffuser or falling asleep while the device is still running. The aromatherapy diffuser will automatically shut off when its water tank is depleted to avoid damages and to provide more safety.Unique LED Light Mode: Enjoy every nuance of the 5 stunning LED colors that will breathe from light to dark for an extra soothing experience. You can double press the Light Button to experience amazing breathing light!
Silent Operation: No annoying Beep sounds that will disrupt your yoga, meditation or nap sessions; For a quality sleeping at night, you can press for 1.5 seconds to turn off the lighting as well as the light of the buttons.
Reliable Ultrasonic Technology: Improve the air around you ultrasonically with aromatherapy and by humidifying dry ambient air
Dual Fog Settings: Choose between the continuous mode that provides you with intense aromatherapy for 4 hours and the intermittent mode with a working time of 8 hours
Auto Shut Off: The diffuser shuts off automatically as soon as the water tank is depleted for extra safety

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