CyonGear PH2211 Universal Silicone Dashboard Anti-Slip Mount Holder for GPS and Cellphone

Price: $8.99 - $7.47


The CyonGear Universal Silicone Dashboard Anti-Slip Mount Holder prime focus is versatility.

Made of high quality silicone, the pad itself strongly adheres to any smooth surface that can hold your GPS or smartphone securely.

The anti-slip mount holder can be applied on any smooth surface such as a desk or table and it is easily removable.

The silicone pad is simple to clean – use a damp towel to wipe it and it’s good as new.

Whether you need a reliable stand to watch a movie on your smartphone or to hold your GPS device in place on your car dashboard, the CyonGear Universal Silicone Anti-Slip is the perfect solution.



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PLACE YOUR PHONE OR GPS DEVICE ON YOUR DASHBOARD AS YOU DRIVE- great alternative to the risks of using air vent mounts or windshield suction cups
STEADY AND SECURE- An anti-slip design and heavy duty silicone pad easily sticks onto any smooth surface. Stays in place on your dashboard and doesn’t slide.
EASY TO INSTALL AND USE- no tools needed, simply lay it on your dash. Easy and takes seconds to put phone in or take out. Maintenance is also a breeze.
SUITABILITY- for electronic devices 4.3”-7” (L) and thickness 16mm (max). Mat dimensions: 7.7
CONVENIENT FOR TRAVEL AND EASY STORAGE- put it in your glove compartment if not using, or use it from car to car!

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